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  • Chemical Products and Processes
    • New improved cost effective processes for production of commodity chemicals (Ref. A-01-1)
    • Low cost process for production of polyester fibers and plastics with improved properties (Ref. A-01-2)
    • Chemicals for electronic industry: novel processing chemicals cleaning and etching; chemical – mechanical polishing (CMP) for semiconductors industry; multi-layer circuitry material; dielectric materials; optical polymers (Ref. A-02-1)
    • Halogen free flame retardants (Ref. A-02-2)
    • New UV absorbers; light stabilizers; antioxidants (Ref. A-02-3)
    • New types of viscosity modifiers and thickeners for oils and solvents (Ref. A-02-4)
    • High performance engineered plastics (Ref. A-03-1)
    • Degradable polymers (UV, biodegradable) with improved physical properties (Ref. A-03-2)
    • Specialty polymer additives and colorants for thermoplastic resins (Ref. A-03-3)
    • High temperature resistant thermoplastic polymers (Ref. A-03-4)
    • Conductive thermoplastics (Ref. A-03-4)
    • Super absorbent polymers (Ref A-03-5)
    • New materials (polymers, plastics, composites, etc.) that have unique properties such as flexibility and that retain memory shape at different temperatures (Ref. A-03-6)
    • New agricultural chemicals and technologies for control of weeds and for crop protection (Ref. A-05-1)
    • Innovative powder deposition (coatings) technologies (Ref. A-07-1)
    • Non-chromate containing surface treatment of metals (Fe, Al, Zn) to prevent corrosion and improve paint adhesion (Ref. A-07-2)
    • Epoxy chemistry – novel curing systems; additives (Ref. A-08-1)
    • New and unique structural adhesives (Ref. A-08-2)
  • Petroleum Refining Products and Processes
    • Processes for license in petroleum refining, petrochemicals and derivatives, chemicals, and fuels (Ref. B-01-1)
  • Energy
    • Enhanced oil recovery from oil bearing formations; new technologies; chemicals, etc. (Ref. C-01-1)
  • Environmental Technologies
    • New methods for treating industrial wastes; removal of organics from effluent streams; biological methods for environmental remediation (Ref. D-03-1)
  • Materials Production and Processing
    • Fine particle production; surface treatment of fine particles; particle coating; fine particle dispersion (Ref. E-08-1)
    • High temperature stable, heavy metal free pigments (Ref. E-08-2)
  • Electrical, Electronic Equipment, Telecommunications
    • Innovative technologies and products related to electric motors; AC, DC and brushless; gearmotors, controls, etc. (Ref. F-01-1)
  • Food Products and Processes
    • New functional food ingredients; emulsifiers, stabilizers, hydrocolloids, preservatives, etc. (Ref. I-01-1)
    • Health enhancing food ingredients; nutraceuticals (Ref. I-01-2)
    • Flavor enhancing products and technologies (Ref I-01-3)
    • Reliable natural sources of beta carotenes and Xanthins; cost effective methods of isolation and purification (Ref. I-01-4)
  • Textile Products and Processes
    • New textile fibers; fiber surface modification to render special properties; textile printing (Ref. J-01-1)
  • Packaging
    • Innovative packaging materials for food, pharmaceuticals; active packaging; passive packaging; barrier polymers – barrier to various gases; high transmission polymers (Ref. L-01-1)
  • Construction, Building Technologies
    • Novel low cost methods for sound absorption; acoustical modeling; durable and flame resistant ceiling and wall products; building products (Ref. Q-01-1)
  • Healthcare and Life Sciences
    • New drug delivery systems; methods for enhancing efficacy of drugs (Ref. S-01-1)
    • Taste and odor masking technologies (Ref. S-01-2)
    • Excipients, microcrystalline swellable polymers, tablet binders (Ref. S-01-3)
    • Systemic and topical antifugals (Ref. S-01-4)
    • Cancer diagnostics (Ref. S-02-1)
    • Cardiovascular pharmaceuticals for diagnostic and therapeutic application (Ref. S-02-2)
    • Cancer antibodies and antigens (Ref S-03-1)
    • Therapeutics for neurological diseases (Ref. S-03-2)
    • Novel treatment of infectious diseases (Ref. S-03-3)
    • Wound dressing and wound healing accelerators (Ref. S-03-4)
    • New surgical devices; tisue cutting and coagulation technologies; tissue fastening and repair technologies; adhesion prevention products (Ref. S-04-1)
    • New and innovative devices and products in the cardiovascular field; vascular and percutaneous access devices; angioplasty and balloon technologies; unique monitoring equipment (Ref. S-04-2)
    • Innovative devices and technologies in urological field (Ref. S-04-3)
    • Advanced monitoring equipment in operating room, post operative; clinical health care markets (Ref. S-04-4)
  • Consumer Products
    • Skin care products, improve skin texture, rejuvenation, reduce inflammation in skin; enhance moisture retention (Ref. V-01-2)
    • Super absorbing polymers, interactive with bodily fluids (Ref. V-01-2)
    • Novel oral care products and appliances (Ref. V-01-3)
    • Consumer type medical monitor devices and diagnostics; body fat monitors; glucose monitors, etc. (Ref. V-01-4)
    • High quality products in small household appliances and personal care appliance Field (Ref. V-02-1)
    • New and unique products in field of exercise equipment, fitness and personal health and wellness (Ref. V-03-1)

"The more original the discovery, the more obvious it seems afterwards."
-Arthur Koestler

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