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Waste Water Treatment- This process uses bioabsorbers such as bran, residual product of cereal processing to remove heavy metals from waster water. The method involves doping the bran with phosphate groups enabling it to bind to heavy metals. It can subsequently be regenerated with acid and reused. (Ref. LO-3012)

Collapsible Hyperbaric Chamber- This lightweight collapsible/hyperbaric chamber/airlock system has application for treating decompression sickness particularly in settings remote from major medical facilities. (Ref. LO-3013)

Nonintrusive Pressure Gauge- Fluid pressure is measured without interfering with measurement of mass flow. The technique involves the use of a piezoelectric transmitting transducer mounted on the outside of a fluid filled pipe to excite vibrations in the pipe. A receiving transducer also attached to the exterior surface of the pipe, is used to measure the frequency and phase of the vibration. The pressure of the fluid is computed by the use of the correlation between the fluid pressure and the resonance frequency. (Ref. LO-3014)

Audio Coordinated Handwritten Notes- This invention facilitates the correlation and retrieval of notes taken at a meeting with the sound recording of the same proceedings at the meeting. (Ref. LO-3015)

Improving Taste- Phospholipids or lysophospholipids obtained from natural sources can improve taste of food products. The lipids are absorbed on bitter components of the food product suppressing their taste. (Ref. LO-3016)

Potato Crop Pesticide- This is an environmentally friendly pesticide to protect against potato cyst nematodes, which cause serious damage to potato crops. The pesticide is based on the synthetic production of solano-eclepin A, which young potato plants excrete via their roots. This substance wakens potato cyst nematodes from hibernation. By applying this substance early in the cycle the nematodes awaken prematurely and die of starvation. (Ref. LO-3017)

Monitoring Solenoid Valves- This signature sensor noninvasively measures steady state and transient components of the magnetic field of a solenoid valve during operation and monitors the operational status of the valve, warning of imminent failure or deterioration. (Ref. LO-3018)

Blood Sampling in Neonates- This is a process for drawing blood from small babies by capillary action rather than the suction method generally used in blood sampling. It is particularly applicable where a neonate has poor venous access. (Ref LO-3019)

Measurement of Myocardial Blood Flow- Quantitative measurement of regional tissue blood supply is made possible by analyzing the electrocardiographic images obtained during the passage of an ultrasonic contrast solution through the heart muscle. Microscopic air bubbles introduced into the blood circulation can constitute an ultrasonic contrast agent. (Ref LO- 3020)

Rheumatoid Arthritis Therapy- This new specific mode of anti-inflammatory treatment is based on the observation that the presence or induction of anti-peptide/anti HSP antibodies suppresses arthritis in the murine model. Both protective peptides and protective antibodies were developed. Research is directed toward development of vaccines. (Ref LO-3021)

Examination Glove- This glove enables a physician to accurately measure masses encountered during rectal, pelvic, surgical or other internal examinations where the examiner cannot view the mass but must judge the size by palpitation. (Ref. LO-3022)

Collagen Solution- This relates to an auto-polymerizable solution of soluble collagen, which requires no added base for neutralization. (Ref. LO-3023)

Sulfonated Phosphazenes- A method for the alkylsulfonation of polymeric and cyclic trimmer phosphazenes to prepare sulfonated phosphazenes that are useful as biomedical materials, membranes, surfactants, polyelectrolytes, etc. (Ref. LO-3024)

Stable Power Supply- Wind turbines can be used to keep voltage in electricity networks at a constant level. Power electronics converters in the turbines can effectively correct peaks and dips and help stabilize the mains voltage. (Ref. LO-3025)

Laser Range Finder- Range measurement of this digital meter is based on time of flight measurement of a short laser pulse. Distances of up to one hundred meters can be measured with accuracy of positive/negative 0.2%. (Ref LO-3026)

Decontamination of Aqueous Streams- This process uses a novel powerful decontamination agent, which is primarily a supported activated iron, that can quantitatively remove heavy metal contaminants and halogenated hydrocarbons from an aqueous environment.   The agent is suitable for use in situ and may be left in place if contaminants need not be recovered.  (Ref. LO-2989D)

Modifying Ice Adhesion Strength- This device applies an electric field to the interface between ice and surfaces in contact with the ice.  By appropriate control of the field strength, the ice becomes essentially “stick-free” to such a degree that ice can be removed from the surfaces with very little effort.  The device has particular importance in aircraft safety since ice which forms on aircraft wings can be removed during flight and by normal aerodynamic forces. (Ref. LO-2990F)

Manufacture of Cheese- A method of cheese production which uses concentrated skim milk as the starting component and in which rennet used in this process may be 80-90% less than that used during traditional cheese making and thus resulting in significant reductions in production costs. (Ref. LO-2991I)

Corneal Scanning Method- This invention relates to an improved ophthalmic apparatus and method for performing ultra-high frequency ultrasound scans for topographical mapping of the human cornea.          (Ref. LO-2992S)

Assessing Blood Flow in Tissue- This method uses high frequency ultrasound to map perfusion and blood velocity in tissue.  The method improves over the conventional Doppler-shift “line of sight” technique to enable mapping of blood flow in slow moving fields and in very small vessels such as in the anterior segment of the eye. (Ref. LO-2993S)

Vascular Access Sheath- This is a vascular access sheath for introducing interventional devices such as stents, filters, and larger catheters into blood vessels, with a minimal loss of blood. (Ref. LO-2994S)

Diagnostics for Leukemia & Tumors- This is a method for diagnosing human leukemias and solid tumors caused by genetic translocations. (Ref. LO-2995S)

Ergonomic Wheelchair- This new class of wheelchairs allows more natural and powerful hand movements, reduces the physiological load on the individual, and decreases the local mechanical load on the sensitive skin area of the palm. (Ref. LO-2996S)

Retroviral Vectors- This method for increasing the transduction efficiency of retroviral vectors involves incubating the vectors with deoxyribonucleoside triphosphates (dNTPs) prior to transduction.  This allows them to complete reverse transcription of their RNA genomes prior to transduction, increasing their infectivity. (Ref. LO-2997S)

Screen for Anesthetics- This is a method to rapidly screen new candidates as anesthetic agents.  The method is inexpensive and requires very small amounts of compounds being screened. (Ref. LO-2998S)

Gel Electrophoresis- An electrophoresis system has been developed which permits the fine separation of proteins based on molecular weight, while retaining native enzymatic activity, so that proteins can be identified by both molecular weight and enzymatic activity in a single gel. (Ref. LO-2999S)

Assessing Canine Hip Displasia-  This is a radiographic procedure to assess the extent of femoral head subluxation in canine coxofemoral (hip) joints in a natural weight-bearing position.  This provides for a simple low cost screening tool which can identify the potential for severe osteoarthritis in dogs.(Ref. LO-3000T)

A New Class of Antitumor Agents- These potential new drugs were designed to bind more tightly to cancer cell DNA than many conventional anticancer drugs by a process called bis-intercalation or “double-binding.”  Such binding stops the growth of the cancer cell and it dies.  The technology utilizes a unique semi-rigid tether connecting the two intercalating units which greatly increases the energy of binding and prevents the undesirable “self-stacking” of the drug, which had been observed previously and which would decrease or render inert its efficacy.  This semi-rigid tether was designed to allow the twin intercalating rings to adapt to the contours of the helical DNA for maximum bis-intercalation. (Ref. LO-3001S)

Detecting Leaks in Pipes- This new process can detect even small water holes in water pipes without disrupting operations.  The method involves the use of Helium.  Helium is dispersed in the flowing water in small amounts so that it is distributed evenly in the pipe network.  Where leaks appear, the gas escapes with the water.  The detection of helium concentration pinpoints the location of leakage. (Ref. LO-3002P)

Peptide Synthesis- An improved method for solid phase synthesis of biologically important molecules including polypeptides and polynucleotides has been developed.   The method yields products with improved purity and uniformity of structure. (Ref. LO-3003A)

Synthetic Pyrethroids- This is a new and improved process for the synthesis of 1,1-dihalo, 1,3-dienes, including 1, 1-dichloro-4-methyl-1,3-pentadiene, a key intermediate in the preparation of synthetic pyrethroids.  This process is based on the use of simple and inexpensive starting materials and procedures.(Ref. LO-3004A)

Copper Corrosion Inhibitor- This novel inhibitor significantly decreases the corrosion rate of copper in acidic and saline solutions in comparison to presently available inhibitors. (Ref. LO-3005A)

Encapsulation of Integrated Circuits- A new method and device to encapsulate integrated circuits such as flip-chips and BGA packages involves a special mold to surround the chip to be encapsulated and injection of the encapsulation material at elevated pressure. (Ref. LO-3006F)

Synthesis of Wide Bandgap Materials- This is a plasma-assisted nitridation process in which NH3 is used in conjunction with an RF plasma to produce a high quality surface of cubic gallium nitride (zinc-blende) crystals on a gallium arsenide substrate.  This invention makes possible the development of monolithically integrated, powerful GaN lasers. (Ref. LO-3007F)  

Depositing High Quality Silicon Dioxide Thin Films- This is a method of depositing a thin, high-quality SiO2 film at temperatures below 250 C utilizing tetramethylsilane (TMS, Si (CH3)4) as a precursor source.  Tetramethylsilane is found to be a superior source gas because it is non-toxic, non-pyrophoric and because its high vapor pressure – 580 Torr allows for conventional MFC use.  The TMS oxides display excellent electrical properties such as breakdown fields of 7-10 MV/cm and leakage current densities of – 10-9 A/cm2 at fields up to 3.5 MV/cm. (Ref. LO-3008F)

New Liquid Crystal Displays- These are new materials which can switch electrically between a light scattering “off” and a transparent “on” state.  These are suitable for use in a Liquid Crystal Display which admits light without its being polarized. (Ref. LO-3009F)

Probes for Measuring Particle Concentration and Flow- This is a capacitance probe for measurement of solid particulate concentration and flow velocity in industrial environments, such as pipes and flues.  This probe can be independently pre-calibrated and mounted flush with the surface of the vessel.  Its presence does not alter the flow through vessel and its performance is not affected by the dimensions of the vessel.  The probe provides quantitative measurement of particle concentration. (Ref. LO-3010F)

Full Color Display LCD- This technology allows the modification of a black and white (B & W) LCD and make it into a tunable color display.  At the expense of a negligible change at the manufacturing line of a standard B & W display and a suitable electronic driver, this technology permits control of the color of each pixel, independently.  The full spectral bandwidth can be achieved. (Ref. LO-3011F)


Wireless Security System- This high performance wireless security system turns two wired zones into eight wireless zones; outdoor range approximately 1000 feet; applicable for commercial and residential environments (Ref. JV 4443)

Desalination Process- These desalination processes operate at low distillation temperatures, ensure low energy consumption and produce high quality distillates (below 10 ppm). Distillation plant capacities of 600 to 25000 m3/day per unit. (Ref. JV4444)

Orthopedic Rehabilitation System- This is a portable weight bearing monitoring system for use during rehabilitation of orthopedic patients with injuries of the lower extremities. The system allows assessment of ambulatory status and evaluates weight bearing progress (Ref JV 4445)

Fire Extinguishing Agent- This new type of fire extinguishing agent and the method associated with it is suitable for total flooding applications, such as in engine compartments of vehicles, boats and ships, aircraft shelters, electrical boards, etc.  The new agent is more effective (by weight) than Halon 1301.   It contains no elements which are damaging to stratospheric ozone (has zero O.D.P.) nor does it contribute to Global Warming, does not constitute toxic or health hazard, and it requires no pressurized cylinders.                  (Ref. JV 4439)

Motion Detector- The motion detector combines infrared and microwave motion detection capabilities to eliminate false alarms and significantly increase “catch-performance.” (Ref. JV4440)

Hemoglobin Measurement Technology- This non-invasive technology is based on producing short episodes of occlusion and release of tissue at the root of the patient’s finger by means of a novel sensor.  Strong electrooptical signals are created which cause specific blood phenomena.  A mathematical model calculates these wavelength-dependent signals with great precision and accurately measures the hemoglobin/hematocrit concentration. (Ref. JV 4441)


Medical Products-U.S.A. firm interested in products and devices in medical and surgical fields. Particular interest in products related to cardiovascular surgery, diagnostic systems, and cardiac assist systems. Will consider licenses and/or corporate acquisitions. (Ref. A-2570)

Specialty Chemical Products- Company is interested in acquiring manufacturers or product for preserving, strengthening and improving timber and wood composites. (Ref. A 2571)

Wooden Packaging- Company is interested in acquiring companies involved in industrial wooden packaging (pallets, crates, reels, etc). (Ref. A 2572)



"The more original the discovery, the more obvious it seems afterwards."
-Arthur Koestler

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