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  • Tom Magid, Chief Executive Officer

    Mr. Magid, founder and CEO of Mag-IdEA Inc, an international licensing organization owning patents in over 20 countries, is the founder of TecXchange.biz. Licensees and joint venture partners of Mag-IdEA, Inc. have included the world’s largest companies in Europe, Canada and United States. He has been a Vice President of a Fortune 100 company in the financial services industry. Mr. Magid holds a B.A. in Economics from Bucknell University.

  • Ci Sun, Director of Marketing
  • Dr. Peter Rizza, Director of Demonstration
  • Henry Cho, PE Technology
  • Michael Sheketoff, Security and Technology Consultant
  • Dr. Louis Schiffman, Senior Consultant
  • Caroline Nash, Esq. Senior Patent Attorney
  • Irv Cooper, Esq. Chief Corporate Counsel


"The more original the discovery, the more obvious it seems afterwards."
-Arthur Koestler

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