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Technologies Sought

TecXchange.biz provides an updated listing of technologies wanted by corporations worldwide.

Technologies Offered

Listing in Section A - Technologies offered in this section are provided in a unique multilevel process where licensor and licensee interact in a stepwise manner-in a confidential totally secure environment. Identification of prospective licensee and licensor is made at the last stage (see "How it Works" section on our web site TecXchange.biz).

Listing in Section B - In this section a reference code number is assigned and included with the abstract of the technology. Any inquiries will be directed to the submitter of the technology and subsequent contact made directly between licensor and potential licensee.

TecXchange.biz provides a listing methodology that enables researchers to find listed technologies easily and quickly. Using a combination of keyword searching and a hierarchical multi-level data structure a person has several means to access available technology.

Content Development

In order to present your technology in an appropriate and professional manner, TecXchange.biz retained the services of several highly qualified personnel who specialize in preparing your content for use on the world wide web. Content includes text, graphics, video, and when requested, audio, to help describe your technology to the end user.

Business Opportunities

Listings in this section include Joint Ventures, Investment Opportunities, Mergers and Acquisitions, etc. A reference code number is assigned with the listing. Any inquiries will be directed to the submitter of the listing.


Banner and Medallion advertisements are open to patent attorneys, publishers, consultants, service organizations, etc.



"The more original the discovery, the more obvious it seems afterwards."
-Arthur Koestler

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