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ur mission is to deliver qualified prospects to a licensor of proprietary intellectual property both inexpensively, and confidentially.

TecXchange.com is a technology exchange management and tiered marketing process to facilitate global licensing of proprietary intellectual property.

TecXchange.com brings a unique space to B-to-B e-commerce. Soon to become the brand of choice in this space, our goal is to provide a secure site from which to license proprietary intellectual property. By organizing and streamlining this currently fragmented space, we provide genuine speed to market through our unique web based process and measure our value directly in cost savings over any other method to the user. Our cost to user model is directly considerate of any other alternative cost and seeks a quality in completion of the project (finding the most suitable licensee). As this site grows in importance we shall make every effort to monitor and report, where appropriate any infringments, or violations of any Client Disclosure Agreements (CDA) signed through our Web site. We are marketers, and managers, and have the capabilities to perform other here-to-fore nonexistent functions such as monitoring infringement issues and assuring compliance with IP initiatives and directives through carefully controlled presentation/demonstration levels. A prospective licensee need not transgress sensitive compliance areas such as by entering licensor’s factories, casually conversing with a technology/marketing company representative, etc. Control, cost advantage, and speed to market (critical to time protection limitations of proprietary intellectual property) are only a few of the needs met by this quality web site.


ecXchange.com utilizes a unique tiered approach to searching and qualifying prospects. Our technique increases revenues of a patent license department by pro-actively and professionally marketing the available and under utilized technologies. Our technology transfer system provides "speed to market" of time sensitive patents. Our unique "MATCH" system for trademarks and copyrights facilitates and enhances revenue sharing. Our unique "FIT" system sources investment capital for proprietary intellectual property promotion.  For the potential licensee, our revolutionary search technique, likewise, yields only those technologies which meet specific search criteria.This technique aids both the technology holder, and the consumer by delivering only desired technologies to the licensee. In addition to direct licensing of proprietary intellectual property, this internet application will include many technology transfer modes such as: Know-How transfers, Joint Ventures, Turnkey agreements, and more.

Our data mining techniques target licensees interests using our unique and revolutionary two-way TecX-Highway delivery system.


"The more original the discovery, the more obvious it seems afterwards."
-Arthur Koestler

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