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Fusing Investment and Technology (FIT)

The TecXchange system is designed to bring together Investment firms such as Venture Capital Firms, investment bankers, private placement firms, mezzanine financing specialists, and M&A specialists, with specific technologies.  By providing resources that allow these types of firms to systematically search for specific types of technologies, tecXchange provides a cost effective means to enhance and manage technology investment.

Managing Agreements with Trademarks and Copyrights Help (MATCH)

This area  targets agents/brokers for copyrights and trademarks, specialty law firms, business promotion entities , specialty accounting firms which audit copyright royalties, trade organizations, trade journals, etc.


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Expediting Transfer of Licensing Agreements (ETA)

Technology transfer can involve licensing outside the primary focus of the licensor which can encompass new industry applications, or include new markets (primarily geographic or demographic). Advertising in this section is available for trade journals, trade organizations, patent law firms, agents/brokers with specific geographic specialty, governments (with their specialty technology programs to encourage employment, etc) or their agencies, etc.

Cost Advantage

Cost advantage, and speed to market (critical to  protecting the life limitations of proprietary intellectual property) are only a few of the needs met by this quality web site.  We add significant additional revenue flow to a corporates IP department. Every stage of the patent and technology exchange process is a cost-saving step.   Compared to manual methods for researching and securing patents and trademarks, the TecXchange approach is both easy and cost effective.


Our process is a uniform compliance driven process utilizing the most sophisticated security/confidentiality techniques. A prospective licensee need not transgress sensitive compliance areas such as by entering licensor’s factories, casually conversing with a technology/marketing company representative. The corporates IP management team is assured of compliance control.



"The more original the discovery, the more obvious it seems afterwards."
-Arthur Koestler

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