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How It Works


   Our Unique Patent Pending Web Based Process

   3 Tiered Approach

  1. L1 (Level 1)    -  Free Patent Searching
  2. B1 (Bridge 1)  -  Optional Membership / Payment Options
  3. L2 (Level 2)    -  Detailed Patent Information
  4. B2 (Bridge 2)  -  Qualification

    This level is a qualifying/screening service conducted by TecXchange.biz on behalf of licensors. TecXchange.biz will act in a consultative manner to assist the licensor in establishing the screening parameters/ questionnaire. The listing cost to the licensor should be sufficient to cover the cost of the screening/questionnaire consultation. Once the qualifying questionnaire is completed by the viewer, there will be a qualifying period of one business day (speed to market). The licensor at this time can control if the viewer is allowed to cross the Bridge based on the scoring of the questionnaire without knowing the viewer’s identity.

    Licensors have two options here, either allowing the viewer to proceed or rejecting the viewer from further contact.

    If the viewer is given the green light to cross the Bridge by the licensor, TecXchange.biz will perform the CDA (Client Disclosure Agreement) agreement completion service on behalf of the licensor, in preparation to deliver the qualified prospect to the licensor. TecXchange.biz will develop a CDA template which is standard to intellectual property licensing and includes several standard paragraphs which we shall strengthen into a non-disclosure, non-usage and non-compete agreement. Or, we should have the capability to just load the licensor’s own CDA form.

    Licensors who elected NOT to provide a Level 3 audio-visual demonstration and decided to accept this qualified viewer/prospect will now sign the CDA (either our own non-disclosure, non-usage, non-compete agreement containing standard industry language or the listen client’s client disclosure agreement). This signals the successful delivery of a qualified prospect to the licensor by TecXchange.biz at Level 2.

    Licensors who elected to provide a Level 3  audio-visual demonstration and accept the qualified prospect, will sign the CDA. The qualified viewer/prospect will now cross the bridge and proceed to the Level 3 demonstration. The identity of the licensor is not transparent to the viewer/prospect.

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  5. L3 (Level 3)    -  Full Multimedia Presentation


"The more original the discovery, the more obvious it seems afterwards."
-Arthur Koestler

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