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How It Works


   Our Unique Patent Pending Web Based Process

   3 Tiered Approach

  1. L1 (Level 1)    -  Free Patent Searching
  2. B1 (Bridge 1)  -  Optional Membership / Payment Options

    This Level incorporates a marketing piece to encourage casual surfers to become serious viewers through a membership of TecXChange.biz. There will be three types of membership: M1) annual membership for single viewer at $250; M2) annual membership for business, corporate, government, institutional, $1,000 minimum with 5 designated viewers, each additional designated viewer at $200; M3) single category viewing for a single view at $100, limited to a single SIPC category for 60 calendar days.  At this stage, a membership agreement incorporating a TecXchange.biz non-disclosure agreement as well as a viewer profile is to be executed. We should have the functionality to accept payment via a credit card, purchase order, and/or invoicing. It should be noted that we would have the functionality to provide at any level our own non-disclosure, non-usage, non-compete standard client disclosure agreement (CDA) or download as required the licensor’s own CDA agreement.

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  3. L2 (Level 2)    -  Detailed Patent Information
  4. B2 (Bridge 2)  -  Qualification
  5. L3 (Level 3)    -  Full Multimedia Presentation


"The more original the discovery, the more obvious it seems afterwards."
-Arthur Koestler

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