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Sigmoidosope - Company manufactures a disposable sigmoidoscope incorporating a miniature video camera, unsufflation pump and light source with working channel for surgical procedures. Joint Venture partners sought.(Ref JV 4437)

Skin Blood Flow Meter - This is a non-invasive method for measuring skin blood flow. Applications include monitoring and evaluation of microcirculatory changes in hypertension, diabetes, and in the cases of various medical treatments. Joint venture partners sought.(Ref. JV 4438)


Gene Technology - A start up company engaged in the development of plant virus vector expression systems for multiple applications. The company focuses its R&D activity on development of products for Agricultural, Biopharmaceutical and Nutraceutical applications. Patents applied for in Isreal, U.S., and PCT. Investment sought.(Ref.VC-2461)

Diagnostics - This company has developed a revolutionary method for rapid identification of pathogenic bacteria. The identification is performed in one step, needs only 2-6 hours and is low cost. This compares to the current methods that may take 24-48 hours or more, and is relatively expensive. The markets include bacteriology laboratories- human health care systems; the veterinary fields-in particular livestock animal; food industry. Investment sought.(Ref. VC-2462)

New Venture Project - A leading private investment company based in the United Arab Emerates is geared to invest up to $100 million in joint venture project. The project should be based on use of substantial proprietary processes specialized market and technical skills and on intellectual property etc, to maintain a competitive edge and market leadership. Some potentially attractive business sectors include specialty and niche chemicals; pharmaceutical products; businesses that take advantage of local resources, such as oil and aluminum; regional centers for health care or educational services; etc. The company is not interested in investing in research stage projects.

The joint venture partners would be expected to take a significant equity position in the new venture and would provide the technology and personnel.(Ref. VC 2463)  


"The more original the discovery, the more obvious it seems afterwards."
-Arthur Koestler

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